Sydney Cricket Ground

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Public Transport[edit]


Moore Park:
Fox Studios:
Randwick Racecourse:
Sydney Boys High School: Charge is $20 per car, proceeds go to fund sports programs at the school. If you get there early you can make a quick get-away onto Anzac Parade northbound.
Sydney Girls High School:


If you don't live within walking distance of the SCG, then riding a bike there is the best transport option.

Your best route to the ground depends on where you live - see bikely if you don't have a clue.

There are some bike racks next to the police outpost near gate F. Once these are full (about 30 minutes before game-time for day-time games), use the fence on Driver Avenue.

During the ground redevelopment, you may want to park your bike somewhere that feels a bit closer if you are sitting over in the O'Reilly stand. There is a bike-rack up against Aussie Stadium - you have to get your bike through the security check first. Failing that, the railings on the cricket NSW offices offer a pretty sturdy iron bar or two.


Where to Stay[edit]


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